Consignment Information


We are accepting consignment for all seasons for our upcoming auctions. If you are downsizing, moving to a new place, or handling an estate of your friends & relatives, just call us.


We will provide you with our expert advice on how best to handle each circumstance which is sometimes overwhelming.

We also provide you with our professional appraisal services to your valuable possessions, which will be free of charge if you so decide to consign to us the items in consideration.

From a single item to a large number of entire content of your home, if they are deemed to have certain values, we are happy to accept them and we can arrange to have them picked up.

So, just call us or e-mail us to let us know if you have any items of interest or value.

Our contact information is  416 368 6628,  416 847 1000, or on the “Contact Information” page.